Could the opinions of others be holding you back from success? If you are constantly listening to others opinions and you are leading a life so others will approve, then I will tell you that you will always be considered normal. Normal is okay if that’s what you choose. Many enjoy living a normal life. But to be EXTRAORDINARY, you have to be different. Different is okay, as long as it propels you to new levels that only the few dare to enter. You have to be okay with rejections and losing the friends that are holding you back from entering that next step to freedom. But of course, you won’t want to completely get rid of them. But you can limit the time with the one’s that reject your path to escaping mediocrity. You may ask, “How do I escape mediocrity? Well, first off, you have to be honest with yourself and admit you want to change. The one very most important change I have made for myself was changing my circle of influence. I connect with the ones that already have the life I want. I ask questions, network, and whatever product or service they provide, I support by buying into their product or service. If you can’t afford to buy into them, then at least give massive support to them and recommend them when given the opportunity. You can’t expect success overnight. It’s just not that easy. If it was, then everybody would be doing it. To become successful, you have to remember, the process isn’t a sprint. It’s a marathon. When in doubt, trust the process. Don’t get yourself down if you don’t accomplish what you want right away. Some progress is better than no progress. As long as you don’t quit. This is the primary reason many people give up on their dreams. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. One thing I’ve been able to do really well, is observe. I’ve observed many that want success, but are scared to make that leap of faith because of what their mom, dad, aunt,uncle, friends may think. Well guess what? It is NOT your duty to live their life. Design your life based on your passion. Steve Jobs said it best. ” We are on earth for a limited time. Don’t spend that time living someone else’s life.” When you look at APPLE, TESLA, OR EVEN WAL-MART, they were underdogs from the beginning. They were told ” you can’t do that”, “you are crazy”, and ” that will never work”. The difference between these companies and the ones that failed, is that they kept pushing forward and never gave up. And that is why they succeed today and others do not. They didn’t let the opinions of others dictate their future. This is why you shouldn’t let the opinions of others dictate your future either. If you have a dream, you have to protect it. Go after your dream. Get around people that are already doing it and piggy back what they do. If you find the right person and they are as successful as they claim to be, then they should have no problem giving you any advice whether it be big or small. A true entrepreneur knows that to give is to receive. When you give, the universe will always respond and give you even more back. So, define your “why”… Get around the right people. And most importantly, start. Many say they want this or that. But only few start. And that is what makes the difference between those that are successful and those that are not.

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