Within the Academy, we share all things EPIC — Health, Relationships, Experience, Personal Growth, Contribution, Fun. We are all works in progress.

Our Epic Living Coaches help you get clear on what it is you want, why you want it, and then help you put a plan in place to help you achieve it.

Meet Our Coaches…

Mike Gillespie

Kevin Castillo

Badass Dad, Peak Performance Coach, Entrepreneur, Investor, Butt Kicker, Boundary Pusher, School Builder, Speaker, Explorer, Extreme Sports Enthusiast, Visionary & Positive Thinking Dude Who’s Dedicated to Helping You Become the Happiest and Healthiest Person You Know!
I was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario and for as long as I can remember, I’ve always been very positive & optimistic.

As a young boy, I was a dreamer, a doer and excited for life!

I remember growing up, before any big test at school, or soccer game, my mom would always remind me to Do My Best! I’m a wee bit of a perfectionist because of that.

And, today, I’m still all of those things, but now a man, driven, dedicated and committed to living a life on my own terms.



Podcast host, Speaker, Author, Biohacker, Giver, and Liming Belief Crusher. I was born in Dallas, Tx and raised in a small town known as Waxahachie just 20 minutes south of Dallas. 

I was raised to think and do as the rest of society. But as I grew older, I quickly figured out that was the path I was not going to take, and i was slowly making the transition to taking the path less traveled. 

Today I am still learning and growing. If your not growing then your dying. It’s the truth, but ultimately the truth does set you free. The truth always wins and truth is undefeated. I am on a journey to getting the time and freedom that I deserve. You have one life. So you might as well go all in. 




Through simple lifestyle changes, personalized life plans and straight-forward guidance, my clients become more confident and empowered to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives. My clients report greater levels of energy, balance & overall happiness after many years of feeling stuck.