In this interview, we chat about…

  • The importance of reflection + accountability
  • Digging deep on your WHY

On this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show, Mike shares his story, the type of properties he purchased, and the spreadsheet strategy he used to decide quitting his job was the way to go.

In this interview, we chat about…

  • How to invest in real estate and still have a life
  • The importance of health and how it impacts your life as an investor
  • How to make this year your best year ever + live a truly epic life

Learn how Mike quit his comfortable office job and is now living the life he could only dream about!

We learn about how to get over and around obstacles and people who are trying to hold you back from living your life to the fullest.

In this interview, we chat about my journey to Financial Freedom, Real Estate Investing, Achieving High Well-Being & Epic Living!