“Fall in love with the process and the results will come”  Eric Thomas

        Is what you are doing today putting you where you want to be tomorrow? Is your life beyond mediocre? If your like most, you are probably wanting more out of life that you are currently living, but you may be at a loss. Have you sat down and really thought of what you want and how you will achieve it? You are not alone. Many face this challenge. But it is entirely up to you to go after it and get it. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Nothing comes with ease that’s worth doing. Success doesn’t happen overnight.

 Like many, you may work the traditional 9-5. Wake up early, spend 8-12 hours at a job you may not enjoy, only to come home to eat dinner and have an hour or two to spend with the family and go to bed, and repeat this daily routine until you hit the age of 65 -70 to retire and call it a life. You aren’t alone. Many do this and they are okay with it, and it is totally fine. But if you feel you are destined for more, then read on. You may not be aware of this but you and only you have the choice to live life like this. How do you change this?

Define your “WHY”. Why do you want to live a better life of more freedom? What is it that you want exactly? What are you willing to give up to get the life you want? Are you ready to make the necessary changes to get the freedom you want?  How would you define freedom and success? Are you willing to take action today? Don’t wait for the perfect time. There will NEVER be a perfect time.

 If it were easy, then everyone would be doing it. While everyone else is watching TV, going to parties, or hanging out with friends that are happy just getting by; it’s up to you to get uncomfortable. Comfort zones are where dreams go to die. To say you don’t have time, that may not be true. Even if you can dedicate 30 minutes a day. That’s 3 and half hours a week you gain towards achieving your goal.

 Learn to say NO. NO to TV, NO to the parties, NO to the XBOX. Put in the work and get the results. Envision the end goal. Even if you are starting out slow, you are still passing up the people on the couch switching through the channels. Slow progress is better than no progress. Do today what others won’t, so tomorrow you can do what others can’t. Do something today that your future self will thank you for.


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