Too often we are always focused on the destination, that we forget about enjoying the journey.

This was me (and still is sometimes) for many many many years.

I set goals, I put my head down, and I worked my ass off.  I was always chasing & I could never reach my goals fast enough.  I wanted the results now.

I was always looking ahead.  I was rarely in the present, and didn’t really do much reflection on the past.

One of my top mentors is Philip McKernan.  One thing that he said often, and it has stuck with me, is…

Life is simple until we complicate it.


As I now reflect back, this is so so true for me.  I was so busy that I didn’t give myself time to reflect on how busy I actually was.

What’s the point of all the effort if we don’t enjoy things along the way?

With constant reminders and nudges from my coaches & mentors & support group, I now make it a point to reflect on how far I’ve come & enjoy the journey.

I now have a reminder in my calendar on the 1st of every month to celebrate.  It’s a non negotiable.

The celebration doesn’t have to be an over the top elaborate celebration.  Last Friday, I spent a little extra time at my fitness club.  I enjoyed the hot tub and steam room.  While relaxing, I reflected on the last month.  Not only the good, but the bad as well.  I learn from both.

I use these monthly celebrations as a motivator.  I now associate my monthly efforts with a month end celebration.  It gives me a little extra something to look forward to.

This new practice has really helped me appreciate how far I’ve actually come.  I’m not always constantly living for the future.

It’s time to turn it over to you…
… over the last month or two, what are some things that you haven’t yet appreciated?
… what are some ways you would like to celebrate your journey?

I hope this post has got you thinking.

Registration opens soon for my new Best Year Ever program.  It’s a quick + easy 12 day program to kickstart your year with momentum & help you create more things to celebrate.  The program is only $12.  That’s right, a buck a day.

Commit to 2019. & beyond.  Commit to yourself.

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