“Your comfort zone is where your dreams go to die” ~Odyssey


I live up near Niagara Falls in Canada.  It’s starting to chill off.  I’ve already seen some snow flurries over the last couple days.
With all this cold weather, it reminded me of a ‘chilly’ experience I went on earlier this year.  Instead of going south and enjoying the warmth, I stayed in Canada.  Yep, I drove almost 8 hours up north to find even more cold.  
This was definitely out of my comfort zone because I’m not the biggest fan of the cold.  So, what did I do?  I immersed myself in it.  Literally!


Our minds are very powerful.  We can do so much more than we think we can do.

Over the years, people told me sustained cold would lead to hypothermia or frostbite.  So I believed it.  Until I started questioning it.  Now I know otherwise.

On this experience, I hopped in icy lakes and rivers, I hiked for 3+ hours bare chested exposed to the wind, I did snoga (yoga on the snow), I meditated on the ice.

Let’s just say my meditation practice has never been the same since.

Cold is actually good for us.  Like anything, you have to expose yourself to it in the right way.

Consider this image…

Do you want to be comfortable or are you ready to create some magic?

Step out of the norm.  When we stretch & challenges ourselves, we grow.  Our bodies + minds adapt and then we create a new norm.  Then you repeat the process.

That’s what leads to an EPIC life.

I’m currently working on a new program called the Best Year Ever.  It will be a QUICK & EASY 12 day program to help you start the new year with maximum energy + clarity to help you make 2019 the most EPIC of years.

Are…  you… ready?

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