Week #2 is complete.  Did pretty well.  Energy levels are still very high, and I still got in my normal exercise routine.

I went to a kids birthday party, and fought the urge to eat some pizza that was conveniently placed right in front of me.  It was a great test of my will power, as I loooooooove pizza 🙂

Mid way through the week I realized I was still taking fish pills.  Since this was a habit of mine to take these first thing in the morning, it didn’t even clue in to me.  Since they are not vegetarian, I’m going to take a break from taking them.  Will just have more flaxseed to get my Omega 3’s.

Aside from the fish pills, it was another vegetarian week. So so close to it being a vegan week.  I snuck a couple handfuls of chocolate covered almonds (oooooh…I love them) and some chocolate mint M&Ms, yum.

Since starting being a vegetarian two weeks ago, I’ve noticed that healthy foods can taste good too.

Huge thanks to my wife Tiffany.  Without her, this transition would not be going as smoothly.   She has been doing lots of reading on eating clean, and spending extra time with the food prep.

Some new things and some favorites from the past week…

Chana Sag (chick peas and spinach), roasted brussel sprouts, steamed cauliflower, wild sprouted rice and quinoa.

All vegan.  Recipe from Forks over Knives book. I absolutely love this dish.



New additions to my smoothies…Kale and Spinach.

I packed a bunch in to the cup, mixed it up and could barely taste a difference.



Homemade vegan black bean and sweet potato patties in a wrap with salsa and guacamole and a side salad.

2 big thumbs up from me and the kids.  (Click here for recipe)




Green Monster Smoothie

Almond milk, kale, spinach, little bit of Vega One, frozen banana, frozen berries, little bit ‘o peanut butter. 

The kids requested this a couple times this week.



I traded in my normal pepperoni and cheese pizza with a good vegetarian alternative.

Bruschetta mix with spinach and vegan parmesan spice all on a whole wheat crust.

Side of veggies and some black bean and sweet potato patties



Date night with the wife.  We went out to an awesome all vegan restaurant.

It’s called The Naked Sprout in Burlington, Ontario.

Check out what we had…


Cashew basil pesto, tomatoes, olives on brazil nut thyme bread topped with cashew cheese.



Coconut & sweet potato polenta, chickpea & potato cake with collard greens



Breaded Coconut Cutlets, tabouli cauliflower with a curry cashew sauce,

marinated kale and a side of vegetables.



We were told not to pass up dessert.   Couldn’t decide, so we ordered 2 🙂

Dessert #1 – Mocha Mudslide Cheesecake

Had a sunflower seed base, and was made with a cashew cream cheese. 

It tasted like a Billy Minor pie from The Keg.

Dessert #2 – Chocolate orange shortbread with cherry and coconut compote


If you know anyone that you think would enjoy this post, please forward them to the page.

I would love to hear from you.  Recipes, what’s working, what’s not working, challenges, whatever 🙂

Post your comments below.

Till next week.


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