Winter+Running+SecretsI just finished up my shortest run of the year.  5.5km in 40 mins.  Even though it was just a short run, I got so much out of it.  I learned…

1. Things are not always as bad as we think they will be.  It was not really that bad running in the wind, the snow, and the freezing cold.   Oh, I also lost my ipod, so I ran without music.  Again, not that bad.

2. The first step is the hardest.  I was getting a chuckle listening to my self talk try to change my mind to not get out.

3. Don’t give up.  At the beginning of my run, when I was chilly, I was thinking of turning around and cutting my run short.  I pushed through it anyways.  Didn’t take me long to warm up, and I ran what I set out to run.

4. Be prepared.  I knew the elements outside, so I bundled up.  2 sets of socks and gloves, 3 layers on my legs and 3 sweaters.  Moisturizing cream on the face to protect my face from the wind.

5. Pain vs pleasure association.  The pleasure I get from running outweighed the pain.  It gives me a big energy boost in my day, it inspires others, and I get a big sense of accomplishment.

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