The other day, I was in my van and it was a wee bit brighter than normal.

I peaked at my dashboard and noticed some extra lights on.  Some had been on for abit, and there were also some new ones.

There are lessons in all life experiences.  You just have to be OPEN & AWARE to see them.

These extra warning lights in my van got me thinking about the warning signs in our life.

We get warning lights in our vehicles and it gets our attention.  Most of us take immediate action to figure out the problem and then fix it.

Yet, when the warning signs show up in our life, what do we do?

… sometimes we don’t even notice them.
… sometimes we notice them & we either ignore them, or we bury them.

The warnings can show up in different ways.

Maybe it’s with our health.  We may feel pains in the body or tiredness or even brain fog.

Or sometimes our relationships (spouse, kids, family, friends, whoever) are being affected.

Or how about your work?  Maybe you are in a job you are not a fan of all you feel at the end of the day is meh.

These are just some areas where the warning signs can show up.

Have a peak at your life right now.  What warning signs have you noticed lately?

If ever you want to chat about some of the warning signals that you’ve noticed, know that I’m here for you.

Either shoot me over an email, or book a complimentary call with me.

Have an awesome week & be on the lookout for the warning signals.  Remember, it all starts with awareness.

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