At the end of the year, I make it a practice to reflect on the past year.  This year, I was much happier and had more energy than the previous year.  I have summarized a list of the top 10 exercises that helped me the most in 2012. 

1.  Joined the 5am club.  This gives me an extra 2 hours in my day.  At 5am, I exercise and do things for personal development. Doing this helps me set the tone for a positive day filled with energy.

2.  Started meditating and practicing yoga. This helps give my brain a break and adds greater peace of mind.

3.  Creating a weekly schedule every Sunday night.  This allowed me to be less reactive and more proactive.

4.  Tracking my well being daily.  I started by taking an inventory of the things that were good for my well being.  As I completed an item throughout the day, I would check it off.  At the end of the day, I would add it up to see how I did for the day.  I noticed a direct correlation between my energy levels, and the amount of items that were checked off on my daily well being checklist.

5.  Exercising regularly helped raise energy levels and boost my confidence.

6.  Eating smarter.  I did this by being more aware of the foods I eat.  More organics, less dairy and meats.

7.  Learning to speed read.  The faster I can read, and the more I can comprehend, the more I can learn.

8.  Completing a Life Balance exercise every 3 months.  This helps me track how balanced my life is.  It shined a spotlight on the areas of my life that needed improving which triggered me shift my focus when needed.

9.  More ME time & looking after myself.  Morning walks, massages, that kinda stuff.  This helped give the brain a break, and allowed for new ideas to flow.  I started putting a higher value on ME, which does wonders for my self worth.

10. Made a conscious effort to hang around happy & positive people more often.  I was part of a mastermind group, and I also joined a running group.  This helped with:

  • Accountability
  • Motivation
  • Reaching my goals faster
  • Encouraging me to think big
  • A boost to my energy levels
  • Brainstorming of ideas

Can you use any of these exercises going in to 2013?

Be Happy, Healthy & Wise my friends.

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