I used to shy away from being uncomfortable.

The difference between where I’m at now, and where I was, is that I question things alot more.  I listen to the voices in my head instead of them just controlling my actions.

Recently I was invited to speak in front of a large group.   I remember a couple weeks ago when I was first asked, the self-talk started right away.  The doubts & fears were present.  

… I’m not a speaker.  Who am I to hop on stage and talk in front of a bunch of strangers?  
… The last time I spoke I was so nervous, I almost froze.  
… What if I forget what I want to say?

These are just some of the initial things that came up for me.

I listened to these thoughts.  I acknowledged them & I acted in spite of those thoughts.

I committed.  I stepped in to my fears & doubts.  I said YES to hop on stage.

Over the last couple weeks I’ve prepped & rehearsed my talk.

Tonight is the night I hop on stage & the magic happens.  Wish me luck!



By giving in to your doubts & fears, you continue to play small.

By overcoming your doubts & fears, you grow.

And, if you are not growing, you are dying.

Think about a baby learning to walk.  When they finally get up on their feet, their legs are all wobbly as they take those first couple steps.  I’m sure if the baby could talk, they would scream out, this is not comfortable.  They fall down, but they keep getting back up.  The more and more they try it, the stronger their legs get, and the more confident they feel.  We have lots to learn from kids.


Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.


The next time you feel uncomfortable about something, instead of reacting right away, listen to your self-talk & start questioning it.

I’ll leave you with a couple questions for you to think about…

  1. What are some things that makes you feel uncomfortable?
  2. What is it that makes you uncomfortable about it?
  3. How can you step more in to this uncomfortable feeling?

Remember this… our comfort zones are where dreams go to die

As a coach, I help people feel more comfortable with the uncomfortable.  In doing so, I help people grow & accomplish EPIC things.

I’m here for ya.  If ever you want extra support, shoot me over an email, or book a complimentary discovery session with me.  It’s my way of saying thanks for being part of our Epic Community.

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