We all have our ups, and we all have our downs.  The ups are great, but how do we get through the downs?  I wanted to share with you how I stay more in the up, than the down. 

There are times when I feel shitty.  Sometimes I will have stuff come at me from all angles and I feel overwhelmed, or I will have self doubts.  There are times when my energy levels are low and I lack motivation.  What helps?  I go to my Happy Place.  J  I’ve recently started creating an environment that helps to change my state.  In my low times, it helps to bring me back up.

For me, my happy place is in my office.  I dim the lights and I sit in my comfy chair, inhaling the nice aromas from the burning incense.  I lean back in my chair, enjoying some relaxing music while I look at pictures of my kids and the artwork they created in school.  This always makes me smile.  I peak up at my vision board, pick a picture on it, then close my eyes and put myself in that moment.  This helps get my motivation levels up.

It’s not that I forget about what I have on the go, I just put it aside for abit.  When I come back from my Happy Place, I feel like I have a new energy.  This new energy helps me get through whatever challenge I was facing.

Now create your own happy place.  Really tap in to your senses.

  • Pick somewhere comfortable that makes you feel good.   This place should be peaceful to you and free from distractions.  A bench on a nature trail?  A room in your house?  Sitting in your car?
  • What brings a smile to your face?  Looking through an old photo album, enjoying the memories?   Closing your eyes and thinking about the fun times ahead for you?
  • What sounds make you feel at peace?  Is there a favorite song?  Maybe it’s sitting out on your deck, listening to the wind going through the trees and hearing the birds singing.
  • Are there smells that make you feel more relaxed?  The smell of nature?  Candles, incense, oils?

Hopefully when you return from your Happy Place, you will be able use your new energy to push through your challenges.

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